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Figurative art is presented in many forms including paintings, collages, mosaics, prints, and sculptures. Some of the most popular materials used in figurative artwork include acrylic, ink, and oil, making this style of art extremely diverse.

PICTOCLUB offers an extensive figurative art collection in a variety of dimensions including landscape, portrait, square, and round, for unique display possibilities.

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Figurative art is considered one of the more modern art techniques, in comparison to some of the earlier traditional styles such as fine art. The main attributes of figurative art constitute drawings or paintings of the human body. The art is often presented through real-life depiction rather than surrealism.

PICTOCLUBs online art gallery showcases a range of figurative art pieces which demonstrate the key characteristics of this style of art. Our artwork has been carefully selected by a collection of talented artists.

The superb pieces have been produced on a range of mediums including canvas, Dibond, paper, and aluminium. They have been created by skilled individuals from around the world, including Berlin artist Oscar Rey and third-generation Barcelonian artist Alfredo Palmero.

PICTOCLUB Originals Figurative Art

As well as stocking pieces of art from global artists, PICTOCLUB also provides art from our own highly experienced original artists who have developed exclusive artwork with esteemed styles.

Our original pieces of figurative art use a number of the finest materials including photographic paper, and classic acrylic and oil paints. These are all used to convey a range of subjects incorporating people, places, and designs. Explore figurative pieces from our in-house team.

We provide our clients with an exclusive art advisory service to assist them in their search for the right location for their new piece. We also offer advice on the orientation and dimensions to suit your home perfectly.

History of Figurative Art

The first examples of figurative art date back as far as 40,000 years ago with a painting of cave Lubang Jeriji Saléh on the Indonesian island of Borneo. However, this is not considered the figurative art we know today which was later introduced in the 20th century.

Since the emergence of figurative art in the mid 20th century, we can see the evolution and development of a style that is much more modern in comparison to the figurative approach which was first discovered, showing brighter colours with more detail.

Figurative art was first introduced from Greece as art that encapsulates the real world, in particular, the human form. This then further influenced contemporary art styles such as Conceptualism and Abstract art. Renowned figurative artists include the great Picasso and Alberto Giacometti.

PICTOCLUB offers an extraordinary figurative art collection from both established global artists and from our accomplished in-house artists. Discover your next bespoke piece today and purchase figurative artwork online.

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