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PICTOCLUB’s fine art collection comprises detailed drawings, paintings, architectural drawings, and sculptures to elevate your home or workspace. PICTOCLUB’s fine art includes a range of mediums, from acrylic paints to charcoal to watercolour, composed of a range of materials from canvas to Dibond.

Fine art often includes drawings of the body, the face, and floral patterns, focusing on beauty and the finer details we may not always stop to look at. Characteristics of fine art include its visually aesthetic appearance from the use of intricate lines and beautiful colours, often in delicate watercolour or pastel tones.

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Fine art is often intellectual and reflects a meaningful message whether that be in the form of religious images, a portrayal of an individual’s mind, or images that reflect looking deeper into societal issues.

These fine art pieces are produced by well-known fine art artists such as Simone Pretelli and Gina Pórtera, as well as our in-house PICTOCLUB artists for a more bespoke piece.

Explore our gallery for our full range of fine art for sale and discover a variety of styles from acrylic and mosaics to digital print. PICTOCLUB also showcases more experimental materials such as silk with a range of prices available.

PICTOCLUB Originals Fine Art

PICTOCLUB Originals is created from a wide selection of art from our talented in-house artists. All our artists’ work is available to order online in unique dimensions and sizes in order to be the perfect fit for your space.

Our team creates remarkable and bespoke pieces, discover work by our experienced artists and add culture to your home. As you choose the style and frame we can ensure you obtain the right piece for you.

We also have an incredible art advisory service where you achieve personalised advice from our experienced art curators. We enable you to find the perfect fine artwork for your space with precise help on where best to place it.

History of Fine Art

Fine art can be dated back to 230,000-700,000 BCE in the form of proto-sculptures and figurines, with many early examples being recorded into history such as the Venus of Berekhat Ram. However, it wasn’t until the 18th century that fine art was first recognised as a particular style in the art world, with French philosopher Charles Batteux.

Beaux-Arts which we translate to ‘Fine Arts’ in fact means ‘delicate’, ‘excelled’ and’ finely made’. Some other early well-known examples of fine art artists of the 20th century include Marcel Duchamp with Étant donnés and Picasso with his famous Mona Lisa portrait.

PICTOCLUB brings together numerous fine art artists to provide customers with art that increases the cultural environment of any room. Discover and celebrate the fine art movement with our unique fine artwork for sale on the PICTOCLUB website.

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