Daniel Bautista, CEO Pictoclub

“Thanks to our cooperation with Treedom,

As human beings, individually or collectively, we all share the obligation and need to care for, maintain and improve the world in which we live. From Pictoclub we want to contribute. Art, which generates emotions and feelings, can also be a vehicle for change supporting important causes, because there is no small contribution and because we share with you the obligation to give back for so much that we receive.

That is why we are happy to collaborate with Treedom and their extraordinary work to preserve and improve the environment, not forgetting the impressive support they give to so many families of farmers in less favored areas.

With our campaign ‘One Artwork, One Tree‘ we want to collaborate with you by supporting their work and that of so many others who take care of our environment. Join us today.

Daniel Bautista, CEO Pictoclub

PICTOCLUB and TREEDOM, One Artwork One Tree
PICTOCLUB One Artwork One Tree in cooperation with Treedom

TREEDOM finances farmers who want to plant trees, supporting their work in the early years, when trees are not yet productive.
Treedom provides farmers with know-how and technical support for planting and managing trees.

Treedom also directly finances small agroforestry projects throughout the territory which allows to make precise choices in relation to the specific characteristics and needs of each project area. The tree species planted are native or respect the biodiversity of the different territories. The agroforestry practice also integrates the planting of trees in an agricultural system, favoring the virtuous interaction between the different species and a sustainable use of resources and land. Finally, all trees absorb CO2 in the course of their growth, naturally generating a benefit for the entire planet.

PICTOCLUB and TREEDOM, One Artwork One Tree

Pictoclub’s Forest in Kenya

PICTOCLUB Forest in Kenya with TREEDOM

PICTOCLUB’s Treedom forest is located in the South West of Kenya, and South from the capital, Nairobi. It is mostly formed by Papaya trees, a small evergreen that can grow up to 10 meters tall. It’s trunk contains a milky liquid containing papaint that together with its leaves, roots, bark and/or fruits are used in traditional medicine. Its fruits, seeds and leaves are also used as food in the farmers’ families or are sold on local markets. Papaya also improves the quality of the soil thanks to the nitrogen fixation process or it reduces soil erosion, thanks to its extended root system, and helps restocking various animal species, thus helping the variety of fauna and flora overall.

Location, Kenya

Latitude 02° 47′ 27.13″ S
Longitude 37° 32′ 16.37″ E

Trees – PAPAYA


Used in traditional medicine.
Food in farmers’ families
Sold on local markets.
Improves the quality of the soil.
Helps restocking various animal species,

5kg CO2 Compensation per Year

Tree PICTOCLUB Forest in Kenya - copia
PICTOCLUB Forest in Kenya

Other causes PICTOCLUB supports

ART GOES ON – Helping Our Heroes

Faced with the health situation created around the world by the covid-19 pandemic, Pictoclub wanted to contribute by creating the “ART GOES ON” campaign. The objective, to raise funds to support the World Health Organization in its fight against the coronavirus, allocating 1% of all online sales to the special fund created by WHO, and supporting essential personnel who are on the first line of battle, true heroes of this times.

Find out more about the campaign. Discover what the World Health Organisation is doing to fight covid-19 globally and join us in the common effort of helping them fight the fight.


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