Surrealism art for sale

Whether you’re looking for a high-quality surrealism print, painting or photograph, PICTOCLUB sells a wide array of surrealism artwork both original and from emerging artists all over the world.

Surrealism art is best known for its shockingly visual artworks and writings, followed by its combination of conscious and the unconscious realms of reality merging the world of dreams and fantasy with reality.

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Buy Surrealism Artwork Online

Here at PICTOCLUB, we provide surrealist artwork for sale in a selection of dimensions such as portrait, landscape, and square in a range of sizes to suit your individual space. 

Surrealism art lives in the facet of juxtaposition, developed by unconscious thoughts. Surrealism artwork has been seen as a liberation from the constraints of reality and law and has opened up a world of possibilities. Leading to the production of paintings that are either indefinite, or those that are within the realms of reality, but make no rational sense.

PICTOCLUB provides surrealism artwork by a number of talented artists from all around the world. We stock works by the third-generation artist Alfredo Palmero, who creates pieces that blur the line between contemporary and surrealism, that explode colour and concept.

PICTOCLUB Originals Surrealism Artwork

The PICTOCLUB gallery exhibits amazing art from revolutionary artists across the world. As well as working with already established artists, we have carefully selected talented individuals to assemble a new wave of bespoke artwork.

PICTOCLUB Originals are all designed, conceived, and manufactured within our own team of in-house artists. Utilising a wide range of mediums, materials, and frames. 

If you’re looking for expert advice on the framing or placement of your new surrealist artwork, our art advisory service is on hand.

History of Surrealism Art

Surrealism has claimed many famous faces over the years, from Salvador Dali to Pablo Picasso and Rene Magritte. As far as art movements go, surrealism is a fairly recent discovery dating back to the early 1900s.

The surrealism art movement was founded back in 1924 by the poet André Breton. The main premise behind the surrealism movement was to combat the influential 17th and 18th-century movement, Enlightenment, that was said to have quashed the unconscious mind.

Breton was a big believer in the idea that the unconscious mind, that conjured dreams, was the key to artistic expression. Surrealism was also intended to free the minds of the masses from the rational order of society. 

While the movement wasn’t founded until 1924, the term ‘surrealism’ was first coined back in 1917 by the poet Guillaume Apollinaire. In which the term was used to describe the ballet performance, Parade, famously costumed by Pablo Picasso. 

By 1937, most of the surrealism movement figureheads had been forced out of Europe to escape persecution by the Nazis. This then inspired Max Ernst’s ‘Europe After the Rain’ which was depicted at the height of World War II. This was created using an abstract method called “decalcomania”, a technique that entailed painting on the glass then pressing the glass against a canvas. 

After the surrealist artists took refuge, the movement was then spread across the Atlantic. Leading to Jackson Pollock creating the surrealism-inspired ‘Guardians of the Secret’ in 1943. And in Latin America by Frida Kahlo, produced Arbol de la Esperanza translating to “Tree of Hope”. 

PICTOCLUB provides a wide array of surrealism artwork from all over the world and our talented in-house artists. Browse from hundreds of surrealism artworks, and find your next piece today.

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