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PICTOCLUB partners with world leading luxury publishing house Assoulin to bring you extraordinary and exclusive book collections. Art, fashion, interior design, travelling… unique editions on a wide varity of topics. The perfect addition to your collection or the perfect gift for that special occasion.

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PICTOCLUB is an online art gallery specialised in selling premium artworks and books. Its book catalogue offers a wide range of Assouline titles covering a wide range of topics such as fashion, travelling, high cuisine, jewellery, cars and art. View the PICTOCLUB’s collection of Assouline books for sale and shop all styles selected by curators.

PICTOCLUB’s Assouline Books Collection

Assouline is more than a publisher, it’s a lifestyle brand: the first luxury brand in culture. It has contributed actively to the growth of the illustrated market creating the highest quality book objects in the world.

Assouline has brought the illustrated book market to life with modern, luxurious, and creative products. Nowadays, the luxury book market has become an indispensable tool for premium brands. As per the decreased visibility in print publications whose distribution has dramatically plummeted in recent times, and as part of the rise of digital media and “influencers,” premium houses need a “tangible” product to define their DNA.

This object is identified with a book that could explain their heritage and evolution in the marketplace. Assouline books offer the best tools for brands to customise their books and publish them. Buy the best Assouline books online at PICTOCLUB.

History of Assouline Books

Assouline publishing began in 1994 by founder Martine Assouline. Starting out as a family run business, moving into a Paris office a year later, publishing La Colombe d’Or. This was their first published book showing images of a hotel in the South of France.

Since then it has only grown and is now available around the world with millions of copies sold in 10 different languages. Assouline now produces much more than books, they are involved in the production of accessories, bindery, and bookbags which all make up their brand.

Take a look at our full collection of Assouline books online, or browse our best selling books for more hard hitters.

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