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PICTOCLUB offers a large portfolio with thousands of original paintings for sale from new talents and career artist from around the world. Here you will find unique artworks or limited edition pieces in a wide range of styles and formats. Hand painted using a great variety of materials on different mediums.

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PICTOCLUB is an online art gallery specialised in developing and selling original paintings. Its catalogue offers a wide range of its own paintings in bespoke sizes and frames.

Visit our gallery to buy paintings online and shop in all styles. If you’re looking for help to find your perfect art piece from our collection of original paintings for sale, try our art advisory service.

PICTOCLUB Originals Paintings

PICTOCLUB Originals contains a portfolio of extraordinary paintings for sale, designed and hand-painted by PICTOCLUB’s own team of in-house artists. Entirely original in design, these pieces can be customised to your taste. Choose the style, size, format, colours, the frame of your painting, and watch your creation come to life. PICTOCLUB Originals are the result of the collaborative effort of a group of artists, who remain anonymous and share one same signature: a small ‘P’ located in the lower right corner of each painting.

The PICTOCLUB Original paintings for sale are all 100% hand-painted with no mechanical means used. Paintings are done on high-quality canvases mounted on light wood racks. Our canvases are hand manufactured for us in cotton or linen, depending on the painting.

Oils and acrylics are our most commonly used materials, though this may again vary depending on the painting. Specialised hair and bristle brushes in many different sizes are used for painting, matched by high-quality rich paints and palettes.

PICTOCLUB specialises in many different styles of paintings, whether you are looking for a lovely abstract piece or a diverse pop art to brighten a room, we’re able to provide.

Our extensive collection doesn’t just stop at PICTOCLUB originals, but it features a range of artists from around the world, exploring a wide range of styles. View paintings for sale by talented artists such as Alfredo Palmero, Ana Beltrá, Belén Guijarro, and Elvira Mendez.

History of Paintings

Painting spreads across all cultures, with the history of paintings going back as far as artefacts created by prehistoric humans, and moving to represent religions and as classical motifs. Ancient paintings can be seen in examples from cave drawings and as time goes on we can see how each form of painting is influenced by each culture, with Chinese, African, Jewish, Islamic, Indian, and Japanese art all taking on Western painting styles and vice versa.

Paintings started mainly as images of animals, people, and nature and while this is still popular today, it has developed into more modern styles such as abstract and geometric.

Notable 20th-century painters also influence PICTOCLUB paintings. From some of the most popular names like Pollock and Rothko of the Abstract Expressionist movement to the cubism of the genius Pablo Picasso, the surrealism of Kahlo and Dali, Warhol and Lichtenstein’s pop art. PICTOCLUB takes the best references to create unique oil and acrylic paintings for sale.

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