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Abstract art is an art movement that has been influenced by many styles over the years, Fauvism, Expressionism, Futurism and Cubism and has been refined to the abstract art we all know and love today. Here at PICTOCLUB, we provide hundreds of abstract art pieces for sale online for homes and offices across the UK and the globe.

These abstract art pieces are produced by both well-known abstract artists, as well as our in-house bespoke artists. Explore our gallery for our full range of abstract art for sale, by the likes of Oscar Ray, Hector Glez and Janika Sootna.

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PICTOCLUB Original’s Abstract Art

PICTOCLUB Originals forms a vast collection of amazing abstract art for sale, all over the world. Explore the best abstract art hand-painted by our own team of talented in-house artists.

Our bespoke artwork provides an opportunity to become a part of the design process, choose the style, the frame, the colours and watch your abstract art piece come to life before your very eyes. Experience abstract art first-hand and curate exquisite artwork in your own vision.

We also have provided an art advisory service in which we match you with one of our personal art curators to ensure you find exactly the right abstract art piece for your interior. We don’t think buying abstract art should be difficult, so we make it easy.

The History of Abstract Art

Abstract art can be dated all the way back to the mid-1800s, however, received little attention until the 19th century. Abstract art can only be described as an amalgamation of different lines, shapes and colours.

With that being said, the main characteristics of abstract art are that it doesn’t represent an image or a subject, otherwise, the limitations of the style are pretty much non-existent. Abstract art can be seen as a form of Expressionism as it represents seemingly random or ‘abstract’ shapes and colours, however, quite often abstract art conveys the artist’s inner thoughts and feelings.

Kandinsky, a Russian painter, is regarded as one of the early well-known abstract artists at the beginning of the 1900s. Kandinsky was influenced by famous artists such as Picasso, Vincent Van Gough and Henri Mattise who all clearly had links to abstract artwork.

It wasn’t until after the Second World War that abstract art received its place as a respected and widely recognised art form. It was in fact the abstract paintings, Abstract Expressionism, that thrust the abstract art movement into the mainstream.

PICTOCLUB brings together numerous abstract artists to provide customers with abstract art that elevates any room it is in, and as such, we provide one of the best places to buy abstract art for sale. Rediscover the abstract art movement yourself with our beautifully vast range of abstract artwork for sale on the PICTOCLUB website.

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