Mapi Sarcone and Daniel Bautista, Founders of Pictoclub

A word from the founders

We believe that art should be accessible to everyone. With the ability to inspire and captivate, paintings, photographs, sculptures and books often exhibit the very best of humanity, past and present. It is this sentiment and our genuine love of artistry that compelled us to start PICTOCLUB.

Both long-time adoring art collectors with a background in interior design and fashion marketing, our dream has always been to make change together, as a couple. We began with a vision of creating something entirely different for the art world; something that would reach as many people as possible. We knew that meant talking to a new audience, and we knew that meant creating affordable art. It didn’t have to be about spending a small fortune – art was more than that, art was intimate.

It was our own cherished connections with different artworks and how we understood them that lead us to where we are now. Artists crafting personalised pieces and developing their work to individual tastes came from looking at how the paintbrush touched the canvas in a completely fresh way. The idea was born; the first online bespoke art gallery; a digital space offering the very best in high-quality, iconic art – tailored to you.

It is both a privilege and a joy for us to bring this to life. Creativity drives us forward, and we continue to be inspired by the splendour of all that surrounds us on a daily basis. As PICTOCLUB grows and grows, so does our desire to reach more art lovers, this feels like only the beginning. As to cite the great Romero Britto, ‘Art is too important not to share’.

Welcome to PICTOCLUB.


Mapi Sarcone & Daniel Bautista

The Brand

The digital market has become integral to the art world, and PICTOCLUB has proudly contributed to its evolution, capturing imaginations far and wide.

Launched in 2015, the brand began with a simple desire to bring bespoke luxury paintings to a new range of untapped clientele. All works set out to be completely original with no copies or reproductions; each piece hand painted exclusively for each client according to their indication of size, format and frame. This meant no stock, and complete faith in the artists we chose to bring on board. The talent spoke for itself, and new artworks rapidly began to come to life before our very eyes.

Whilst bespoke art still sits at the heart of all we do, the concept has evolved. No longer purely paintings, PICTOCLUB invites art lovers to explore different avenues of creativity offering personalised photography and sculptures too.

With a strong presence in London, Paris, New York and Madrid, the brand is now a worldwide platform. Affordable, original artwork has revealed itself to be a universal need.
We continue to offer artworks for the home as well as private collectors, interior designers and corporate institutions.


From pop art to cubism, classic to conceptual, portrait to landscape, the PICTOCLUB catalogue is extensive. Curated by our in house team, we have the very finest in artistry across paintings, photography and sculptures in a matter of mediums.

The personal touch of our PICTOCLUB Originals collection gives our clients the luxury of completely original, limited edition designs. Each piece carefully crafted to the client’s wants and needs by our very own artists – before being signed, numbered and delivered with their own certificate of accreditation.


Beyond these personalised artworks, we are now incredibly excited to be working with international well-known and emerging artists, coming together to bring their signed pieces to a global digital platform; a historic moment in our brand history.

Our most recent collaboration with established, number one luxury books editorial, Assouline has also seen us move into a new space. Since its beginnings in 1994, the company has been dedicated to creating books that are as informational as they are beautiful works of art. Our deluxe page-turning collection explores all culture has to offer; making for the perfect addition to bookshelves and coffee tables.


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