Oscar Rey

Berlin, Germany

During my first 15 years as an artist, when I did not know which way to take or what I wanted to say, I used a lot of elements, techniques and styles and a pseudonym with which I disguised myself.However, right now for me the synthesis and clarity are everything. No matter that I am working with photography, painting street art or sculpture, I try to give as much information as possible with as few resources as possible and I try to be honest. Perhaps this change comes from my readings about Zen thinking and meditation or maybe it is that I have grown older.

In my art, I look for synthesis, beauty, clarity, commitment but not perfection. Rock paintings, megalithic sculptures or stone petroglyphs are imperfect, beautiful and powerful artistic works that have inspired us for millennia. We are human beings we are not machines and therefore we are faulty, we must leave our blemish, our human stamp on everything we do. With patience and concentration, I try to improve my technical prowess but I do not seek magnificence.

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