140 x 60 cm
Hand made using thousands of tiles

In the 18th-century being part of the nobility meant keeping a full luxury life. This is how used to live the noble of our mosaic. Having more than one mansion, wearing bespoke clothes or jewellery, buying art masterpieces and cars, and having, of course, a mass of servants. An oddly remind of a time when being noble was a natural quality that elevated its members above the rest of the mortals.




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Mosaic is a sublime and beautiful confluence of art, man and tecnology, an aesthetic leap towards immortality. Mosaic is a language that challenges limits and forces to overcome them. And with this mindset everyday Sicis creates, invents, designs and produces mosaics, 100% Made in Italy, synonimous with luxury and uniqueness. During 25 years Sicis has explored the art of mosaic, the flexibility of its technique and the transformation of its uses, creating day by day a unique heritage.

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