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Portrait art is a popular style of art, with the earliest recorded portrait painting being estimated at 27,000 years old. Portrait art represents a person, with the face being the predominant focus, often capturing raw emotion with facial expressions. 

Consisting of many forms such as paintings, sculptures, and photographs, portraits are often personal and have a story behind them, such as the relationship between the artist and their subject.

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Buy Portrait Art Online

Here at PICTOCLUB, we provide portrait art for sale in a selection of dimensions such as portrait, landscape, and square in a range of sizes to suit your space. 

Portrait art can often portray true representations of the human face, with realistic features and guises. However, we also stock portrait art with more abstract styles in the form of mosaics and collages for a full spectrum of art available to buy online.

PICTOCLUB displays portrait artwork by a number of different skilled artists. From Spanish artist Alfredo Palmero to the highly talented Estonian artist Janika Sootna. Browse our extensive selection of portrait artwork for sale to make a lasting impression on guests.

PICTOCLUB Originals Portrait Art

PICTOCLUB’s gallery exhibits work by artists from across the globe. As well as these brilliant individuals, we stock artwork by our own selected artists for bespoke artwork. Our artists use a range of materials, explore Giclée prints, acrylic, and work made from recycled materials.

Our original artists work on various mediums such as aluminium, canvas, and Dibond. Our art can be displayed in a range of frames including black, white, and natural colours.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect frame for your piece, or want some advice on the sizing and dimensions of your artwork, our art advisory service can help. With this service, you also get advice from our expert curators on where to place your art.

History of Portrait Art

Examples of portrait art can be seen dating back thousands of years, with the earliest known painting being found in the Vilhonneur grotto near Angoulême, France. 

Some other prehistoric examples were displayed in the form of plastered skulls to create sculptures; this type of portrait art was present between 9000 and 6000 BC.

The emergence of portrait art then increased during the Egyptian period. With most of the portraits being that of rulers and people of importance such as Pharaohs. This was so that many could recognise and worship the leaders. 

We see familiar examples of portrait artwork at the start of the 1500s, with the famous Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’. This represents the more modern work of portraits we see in today’s society, with the subject making eye contact to create the relationship between the portrait and the viewer. 

From this, we can see the influence of art styles such as realism present, influencing other works such as the ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ more than 100 years later.

PICTOCLUB displays a wide selection of portrait art for sale from artists around the world, and our talented in-house artists. Discover the next piece to add to your collection.

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