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Illustration is an art movement that dates back to 15000 BC. Whilst the earliest illustrations were drawn on cave walls, illustration art has developed significantly over the years.

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Illustration tends to refer to a depiction or visual representation of a text, concept, or process and is seen in books, on clothing, and in animations. It is also used for scientific and technical diagrams, including cutaways and anatomical drawings.

Illustration as an art form, however, can depict almost anything. Subject matters often include people and faces, plants, and architecture. The most common materials used by illustration artists are pen and pencil, but digital drawings are becoming increasingly popular, as are paintings using acrylic and chalk.

By their nature, illustrations are often very detailed and commonly seen in black and white. More modern illustrations can however feature colour and simple line work to convey meaning.

Here at PICTOCLUB, we have a wide range of illustration art for sale from artists such as Oscar Rey, Janika Sootna, and Simone Pretelli. Choose from a wide range of dimensions and orientations to find the perfect art piece for your space.

PICTOCLUB Originals Illustration Art

Whilst we play host to artwork from hundreds of talented artists from around the globe, we also stock our PICTOCLUB Originals range. This artwork has been carefully curated, created by our very own specially selected artists.

Our PICTOCLUB Originals illustration art comes in a variety of sizes, with portrait, landscape, square, and round artwork options. You can choose between various frames including black, white, and natural, and filter by medium and material types. Popular mediums for illustration art include canvas, paper, and Dibond.

Unsure which piece is best for you? Our expert curators are on hand, as part of our art advisory service, to offer advice on the best size, orientation, and style to suit your space.

History of Illustration Art

With the first illustrations depicted on cave walls in Lascaux, France in around 15000 BC, illustration as an art form has evolved during each of the key historical eras. These first drawings depicted important events of the time. Ancient civilisations such as the Greeks also used illustration to depict important events, honour gods, and tell the stories of myths and legends. 

In the 14th Century, the Renaissance period brought with it new kinds of music, literature, and of course, art. This coincided with the invention of the mechanical printing process which really started the growth of illustration as an art form 

When the Industrial Revolution struck in the mid-1700s, printing technology developed rapidly. With this, commercial illustration became ever-more popular being used in books, natural history plates, and for school resources.

It became a viable career option during the 1800s with the first generation of narrative illustrators. This movement was led by illustrators such as Howard Pyle and Jessie Willcox Smith.

Illustration then developed into the world of animation, with pioneers such as Walt Disney creating cartoons from their illustrations. In the 20th century and beyond, this continued and expanded even further. Illustration art is now used everywhere from films, comics, games, websites, books, and more. 

We offer one of the widest ranges of illustration art for sale online. PICTOCLUB represents artists from around the globe, as well as boasting in-house skilled artists. Explore our collection of illustration art and find the perfect piece for your space.

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