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Street art is recognised globally through many forms, mosaics and sculptures are some examples. Urban graffiti is also a form of street art, presenting itself on the walls of cities since the 60s. Over the years street art has become both beautiful, inspiring, and even energising to the people who view the artwork on their daily commutes or their city walks, introducing colour and creativity to the streets.

PICTOCLUBs widely varied gallery contains a collection of bespoke street art for sale on a range of mediums, from canvas to Dibond. Personalised dimensions mean you can get your vibrant artwork in a range of sizes that is unique to your home.

We also have many styles to browse, from mosaics to abstract on stainless steel, providing work from artists all over the world. Explore this world through the likes of Alfredo Palmero and Kastro for a diverse selection of culture and painting techniques. Discover the full range on our website with our online street art collection.

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PICTOCLUB Originals Street Art

Street art is a hybrid and modern form of expression, bringing the urban streets to your home or office with our stunning original art. Our team of talented in-house artists uncover their own approaches by using a range of materials such as charcoal and acrylic.

They also use a variety of methods and styles, from mosaics to print work creating their own unique artistic expression. We select our artists carefully and strive to bring a diverse collection of artwork that matches your decor perfectly.

We also have provided an art advisory service in which we match you with one of our sophisticated personal art curators to ensure you find exactly the right street art piece.

History of Street Art

Modern street art, as it is known, emerged in the 1960s when the graffiti boom started in New York City. It is one of the more recent art forms which peaked in the 80s with large lettering and stencilling. Hip-hop art or contemporary art was a term used early on for street art, spreading through the city in the form of subway murals and underground tunnels.

There are different types of street art that formed early on, with ‘taggers’ emerging through the streets. Taggers spray painted their stylised signatures with their main goal of tagging as many places as possible. This expanded into making sure as many people as possible saw your signature or tag.

This New York ‘problem’ has since evolved. No longer just tagging, but it has transformed into talented artists creating huge art pieces, much of the time in the middle of the night to turn dull buildings with huge side walls into a spectacle. It is now more common for street art to appear, and stay, with some owners even commissioning art to go on the side of their building.

Some of the current famous street artists include Banksy, whose identity remains largely unknown, and Shepard Fairey. Street art is not only Graffiti on walls but is also art on different materials that represent a time where significant socio-political turning points in history were being made, where young people were starting to respond to their government and environment through art and graphic design.

From tagging ‘youths’ to true artistic expression, street art has expanded into a beautiful art form that can be purchased from the PICTOCLUB gallery.

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