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PICTOCLUB is a great place to come to when searching for high-quality, cultured modern art. With our bespoke dimensions and unique styles, we can capture the perfect contemporary piece for your home, finding the right dimensions to incorporate art into your space. We provide modern art from all over the world for everyone to purchase at an affordable price, we believe introducing modern art to your life is a great way to bring culture into a room.

Our online art gallery offers personal modern art pieces from our in-house artists as well as global artists for you to have a large selection to choose from. Modern art increases the aesthetic value of any room and helps show personal expression. Explore our website to view our online modern art collection.

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PICTOCLUB Originals Modern Art

PICTOCLUB Originals collection forms a vast range of modern art style pieces available online, as well as other forms of art such as photography, sculptures, and Assouline books to add an aspect of culture into your life. Our Originals are done by in-house artists and you’re able to search via category, explore unique collages, beautiful mosaics, and prints. Take a look at all of our bespoke artworks from PICTOCLUB Originals for your own unique piece.

It’s worth utilising our art advisory program to contact expert curators with personalised advice to help you find the right artwork and the best location for it. A correctly executed position in your home can make all the difference to your space and create a thought-provoking atmosphere.

History of Modern Art

Modern art started in the mid-1800s, with an exhibition of Édouard Manet’s Le Déjeuner Sur l’Herbe (Luncheon on the Grass) in 1863 in Paris. This was most likely the first recognition of Modern Art. It can be described as the more creative response to all of the rational ideologies of the future and technology. The start of a new and contemporary society.

An artist iconic to modern art is Paul Cézanne who continued to influence many more artists. The modern art era was at its peak from 1860 to 1970 when philosophy was also on the rise. Other famous modern artists include Georgia O’Keeffe and Willem de Kooning. PICTOCLUB’s original artists take inspiration from the history of modern art and use it to inspire new creations, other talented artists featured in PICTOCLUB’s range include Hector Glez and Romana Chuda.

Discover the best original modern art for sale online and explore our range of artists at PICTOCLUB.

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