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Realism art at PICTOCLUB constitutes mainly paintings and photography in many materials. From acrylic paints to ink in an assortment of dimensions and orientations including landscape, portrait, square, and round. Realism art colour palette is, on most occasions, representative to true life and the scene being painted.

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PICTOCLUBs selection encompasses the key attributes of realism art, from the naturalistic approach that avoids the elements of fiction and the imagination, to the representation of the true object, exhibiting on materials such as canvas, paper, and wood. Realism art includes landscapes, people, and architecture, such as work by Reyes Coca who features in PICTOCLUBs gallery.

PICTOCLUBs bespoke artwork also includes pieces from skilled individuals such as Spanish artist Alfredo Palmero and artist and interior designer Esther Moreno who embodies gold leaf techniques to create unique art.

PICTOCLUB Originals Realism Art

We also stock work from our original artists, experienced in creating exclusive artwork with distinguished styles namely black and white, oil paintings and our featured pieces. Explore realism paintings and art produced on photographic paper from our in-house team.

Our excellent art advisory service provided to you by PICTOCLUB is great for getting advice from expert curators. They help decide your medium, the dimensions, and style within your price range for a bespoke item which suits your space well, allowing your vision to come to life. Realism explores the true artistic representation without the exaggerated emotion for a pure and true art piece.

History of Realism Art

Realism art made an appearance in the 1850s not long after the Revolution in 1848. The 19th Century movement greatly enforced using art to show the real world rather than previous art styles which looked at exaggerating the scene and environment. Examples of this include Romanticism, popular in French literature, which heavily controlled the art world prior to realism.

The earliest examples of realism include artwork by realist Gustave Courbet, famous for painting nude women, people in distress such as ‘The Wounded Man’ and other portraits. His authentic style influenced art throughout Europe and continued to do so for the rest of the Century.

We see fewer examples of realism art when modernism emerged later on, with more abstract work being created. However, this movement didn’t see the end to more traditional work with realism art still being very much sought after today.

PICTOCLUB displays unprecedented realism art available to purchase online from well-known artists around the world or from our gifted in-house artists, discover your next realism artwork for sale online today.

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