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PICTOCLUB is proud to showcase a selection of outstanding geometric art pieces for sale online, geometric characteristics can be defined through distinct regular shapes and lines to create exquisite patterns. Our online gallery means you can browse through a range of beautiful style patterns and dimensions to suit your home or office.

We stock original pieces as well as work from artists around the globe to ensure we exhibit a wide selection of geometric art. Explore our geometric style from artists such as Oscar Rey and Gina Portera for the most unique pieces.

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PICTOCLUB Originals Geometric Art

PICTOCLUB stock a selection of original geometric art for sale from our in-house artists. Our advanced collection allows you to search by category and style for a vast range. From acrylic paintings to oil on canvas, our stock of geometric art includes an assortment of materials to explore different techniques and artistic methods.

Our original collection portrays sleek black and white shapes for a simplistic style to compliment the room or add a pop of colour to your home with our more vibrant pieces available. Inspired by immense scenery and visions our artists have experienced, expressed in their own way.

Take a look at some of our other styles such as our abstract art styles. You can also view our full range of bespoke artworks from our sophisticated in-house artists.

We also offer an art advisory service that includes a personal curator with expert art and culture knowledge to help you choose your beautiful piece, and where to place it.

History of Geometric Art

One of the earliest styles of geometric art began in 900bc. This was in the form of vase painting and in the style of ancient Greek art. The growing population of new and modern Greek cities expanded the market for such styles.

This time period was right in the middle of the Greek Dark Ages, where two halves of the period, the Proto-geometric period and the Geometric period took place, the Geometric period bringing a wave of distinctive art skills to create the geometric style.

Due to extensive research, we now know of 2800 individual ancient Greek vase painters, from the work of Makron to illustrate scenes of life in Athens, activities, and even erotica to Sophilos, a potter who used black-figure style paintings to decorate vases.

Since then, it has expanded from well-crafted, magnificent pottery to print, and has evolved into a widely known art form. Explore PICTOBLUB’s geometric art range for sale to find the perfect addition to your home.

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