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Impressionism is an art movement that can be dated back to the mid-1800s, mainly presented in the form of paintings. As impressionist art has evolved, we see the emergence of collages, prints, and photography as forms that showcase the style.

Many favoured materials used in impressionist art include acrylic and oil paints, producing beautiful pieces. Here at PICTOCLUB, we provide impressionist art for sale in a selection of dimensions including portrait, landscape, and square.

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Impressionist art often incorporates landscapes, architecture, and nature using visible but fine brush strokes to illustrate an inner feeling, rather than the true-life representation.

Impressionism aims to give the observer the same emotion the artist felt at that moment. This can result in the artwork being more colourful than the accurate scene, or with exaggerated light effects.

PICTOCLUB exhibits impressionist artwork by Spanish painter Reyes Coya, talented Velázquez inspired Alfredo Palmero, and natural world artist Belén Guijarro. Browse our selection of impressionist artwork for sale online for your next talking point.

PICTOCLUB Originals Impressionist Art

PICTOCLUBS online art gallery displays work by individuals coming from all over the world. We also stock original art contributed by our very own carefully selected artists for a truly bespoke piece.

Our original artwork is arranged on a selection of mediums, displayed on varying materials such as canvas, wood, and Dibond. We also stock black, white, and natural frames to complete your piece available in a range of sizes.

Our art advisory service is accessible for all of our clients. Our expert curators help you decide where best to place your piece with advice on the orientation and size to suitably compliment your home.

History of Impressionist Art

Coming to light in the 1860s, impressionism was a movement originating from a group of individual artists in France.

One of the most famous early pieces was by well-known artist Claude Monet, with his oil work on canvas titled ‘Impression Sunrise’ being displayed in the world’s first impressionist exhibition in 1874. Other popular impressionist artists include Edgar Degas and Édouard Manet, both producing paintings throughout the 1800s.

Impressionism as an art movement was marked by Parisian individuals who went against painting the classical subject matter and delved into the contemporary style of art by overemphasising the world around them. Impressionism went on to influence Cubism and Fauvism styles as it embraces the modern, non-representational approach to art.

PICTOCLUB includes an exhaustive range of impressionist art for sale from global artists and from our skilled original artists in-house. Purchase a beautiful piece of impressionist artwork today by browsing our online art gallery.

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