You sold an artwork, packed it and it has already been collected by the shipping company. What next?
It may be time to get paid!

About Payments

Payments are done 14 days after your artwork is successfully been delivered to the collector.

The reason for this 14-day wait is that this is the amount of time a collector has to make a return. Once that period has elapsed, you will receive a notification by email confirming that we will proceed to make the payment by transfer to the account you have indicated.

Do not forget to send PICTOCLUB your invoice. It is an essential requirement.

Check that the bank details you have provided us are correct. You will find them in the Account Information Section of your account.


Our commission is 30% of the total final sale price, shipping costs not included.

This 30/70 ratio on the final price is also applicable in the event that promotional discounts are applied to the final price or if the artist decides to accept an offer made by a collector.

Example: if a collector purchases a work for 1,000 euro, the benefit for the artist will be 700 euro and Pictoclub will receive 300 euro.

If during the sale of a work with a value of 1,000 euro a 10% proportional discount were applied, the final sale value would be 900 euro, of which 70% would correspond to the artist (630 euro) and 30% would correspond to Pictoclub (270 euro).


Tips to consider when pricing your works:.

      • Dont undersell – consider working hours, cost of materials and your profit margin
      • Include the cost of packaging. You will be responsible for it.
      • Do research on comparable atworks – check at what price similar artists sell their works
      • Be consistent – Avoid frequent and sudden changes in prices
      • If you sell on different platforms, keep the same price for the same artwork.
      • Be realistic – avoid pricing from the heart or ambition

VAT  –  When pricing remember to include your VAT tax if applicable. The amount shown is ‘Your commission’ already includes your taxes. Your invoice to PICTOCLUB will be for that amount all taxes included. Please consider this with pricing your artworks.

Pictoclub promotions. Remember that Pictoclub carries out periodic promotions (10%) that will affect the final price you receive. When a collector purchases a work with a promotional code, the discount will also affect the price you set.

Collectors Offers. Pictoclub offers collectors the possibility of making offers for the works. These offers usually include a discount proposal of around 15% – 20%. You can accept, decline or counter offer. The final decision will always be yours, but keep these factors in mind when setting a price for your works.


PICTOCLUB is VAT registered in Spain.

If you are an artist based outside of Spain you are exempted from paying any tax to the Spanish Government, Also, your invoices to PICTOCLUB will be must be for the final amount received for the sale and should not include any tax: PICTOCLUB is VAT registered, therefore VAT exempted for invoices from internationally based artists.

If you are an artist based in Spain, you are responsible for paying taxes to the Spanish Government. When invoicing PICTOCLUB your invoices must show the corresponding tax as included in the total amount, that is, the invoice must be issued for the final amount received for the sale VAT included.  If you are not VAT registered PICTOCLUB will withhold the applicable VAT from your pay out and will pay it on your behalf to the Spanish tax authorities. If you are a Spanish artist consider this when pricing your artworks. If you cannot issue invoices you cannot be part of PICTOCLUB.


Terms of Service

Want to know more about the relationship between artists and PICTOCLUB.
Visit Section Legal Aspects to discover the Terms of Service.

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