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One of your artworks has been sold? It is time to get your artwork ready for shipping. We strongly encourage you to carefully read our recommendations on how to pack your artworks. Invest in appropriate and resistent packing, wooden crate is recommended. Packages suffer during transport and your artwork must be ready for that. And you will be ultimately responsible if your artwork is damaged due to unsufficient or inapropriate packing.


Your artwork must be perfectly packaged prior to shipping to ensure that it does not suffer any damage during handling and transport and it is delivered to the collector in perfect condition.

We strongly recommend you consider the following recommendations:



Make sure your artwork is finished and ready for shipping. If you have used wet materials (for example paints or clay) make sure they are completely dry prior to packing.

Use several layers of protection – depending on the type of artwork we recommend you use at least the following layers:

      • A thin transparent plastic dust bag.
      • A layer of white acid-free foam
      • A layer of transparent bubble
      • Cardboard to protect the corners and edges
      • Fill inside gaps with extra bubble to prevent the work from moving inside the box during transport.
      • We recommend the use of transparent packaging tape.
PICTOCLUB Inside Packing Guidelines


      • Finally insert the wrapped artwork in a wooden carte, a rigid cardboard of double wave or a high-resistant tube.
      • We recommend you brown colour for your outside packaging.
      • Make use of ‘Fragile’ or ‘Glass’ labels outside the crate if applicable.
      • For orders of more than one work each, wrap them separately following the recommendations above, and whenever possible, introduced them together in the same box. Otherwise, use separate crates per artwork.
      • Do not save on packaging material. A small extra expense in packaging will avoid you major expenses and damage to your prestige if the work does not arrive in perfect condition to the collector.
PICTOCLUB Outside Packing Guidelines

IMPORTANT Notice on Large and heavy artworks

If your work (already packed) measures more than 125 cm on one of its sides or if it weighs more than 40 kg, it must be sent in a palletized crate.


When one of your artwork is sold you will receive an email informing you of the sale.



  1. Confirm Reception – Within the 24 hours you have to confirm reception of that email.
    In your reply email you have to indicate:
      • The closest day in which our courier can pick-up the artwork
      • Full pick-up address, contact person and phone number.


2. Prepare your artwork – Pack it professionally following the Packing Guidelines mentioned in this page.


3. Prepare all necessary shipping documents,

They will be available for download in your Orders Chart a few days prior to pick-up date:


        • Shipping Labels – Print 2 copies
        • Commercial Invoice – Print 3 copies
        • Customs Declaration – a document signed by the artist that guarantees that the artwork sold is not subject to any limitation of movement, nor is it the object of any special protection nor is it declared as a cultural asset of any country
        • Certificate of Authenticity – a document signed by the artist that contains all details of the artwork and proves its authentiticy to the collector. PICTOCLUB will provide you with a template for you to fill in. PICTOCLUB will also provide you with a template of this certificate. Place this document inside the package.


Please also include the following along with the above mentioned documents:

      • Scanned copy of your passport
      • Image of the artwork(s) in the order

Make sure to fill in and print all the above mentioned documents prior to pick-up date. You will have to hand them over to the shipping agent at the time of collection. All of them except the Declaration of Authenticity which you will have to instert in an envelope and place it inside the crate, box or tube.

 4. Make sure the artwork is ready and available for pick-up at the scheduled date.

Unfortunately shipping companies do not specify exact pick-up time at the agreed day for collection.


We will insure all our shipments for the total sale value of the order.

Insurance does not apply if the damaged caused to the artwork is consequence of an insufficient, defficient or negligent packaging. Make sure to carefully follow all our Packing Guidelines to avoid extra costs for unappropriate packaging.

Do not economize on packaging. A small extra expense in a professional and suitable packaging will improve your reputation as an artist, increase your recurring sales and avoid disappointment and having to bear higher costs derived from the return and reimbursement of damaged works.


Remember payments are done 14 days after your artwork is successfully been delivered to the collector.
Carefully follow pick-up instructions to avoid delays in shipping and payment.

Updates on the status of your order will be shown on your Dashboard. Our team will let you know once your artwork has been delivered and your payment is being processed.


Your artwork has already been sent to the Collector?

Time to get paid!

Payments are done 14 days after your artwork is successfully been delivered to the collector.

If this is your case, it is time to get paid.
Follow the link to know more about our Payment Terms.

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