Manage your Orders

From the ‘ORDERS’ section of your Account you can manage the status of all your sales. The Orders Chart provides you with detailed information on the date the order was placed, the works included in it, the sale price and your benefits. Also all the logistical documents necessary to send the order to the collector who has bought them.

The Orders Chart

In the ORDERS section of your Account you will find the the Orders Chart provides you with detailed information on every sale you make on PICTOCLUB. It will remind you of the date the order was placed, the works included in the order, the sale price and your benefits.

Most important, in the Orders Chart you will also find for download all the documents necessary to send the artwork to the collector who bought it.

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PICTOCLUB Orders Chart

What happens when you sell an artwork on Pictoclub?

When one of your artwork is sold you will receive an email informing you of the sale.



  1. Confirm Reception
    Within the 24 hours you have to confirm reception of that email.
    In your reply email you have to indicate:.
      • The closest day in which our courier can pick-up the artwork
      • Full pick-up address, contact person and phone number.


  1. Prepare your artwork
    Pack your artwork professionally. We strongly recommend you read and follow our Packing Guidelines.
      • Make sure your artwork is pack for international shipping to avoid damages during handling and transportation.
      • Investing in proper packing help raise prestige of your work as an artist and avoids you unnecessary additional costs if the artwork arrives damaged to the collector.
      • Our shipments are all insured, but you will be ultimately responsible if the order arrives damaged to the collector as a consequence of insufficient, incorrect or inappropriate packaging.


  1. Prepare all necessary shipping documents,
    They will be available for download in your Orders Chart a few days prior to pick-up date. Documents you will find prior to shipping:
      • Shipping Labels
      • Commercial Invoice
      • Customs Clearance Certificate
      • Certificate of Authenticity

Please also include the following along with the above mentioned documents:

      • Scanned copy of your passport
      • Image of the artwork(s) in the order


 4. Make sure to make the artwork available for pick-up during the scheduled date.
Have all shipping documents ready and hand them to the courier when they arrive.


Have you made a sale?

It is time to pack you artwork and make it ready for shipping.
Check our packing and shipping guidelines now.

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