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Photorealism art embraces itself in the form of paintings and photography, coming to light in the 60s and 70s. The aim of photorealism is to create art that looks as realistic as possible, often working from an image and on different materials which PICTOCLUB stock such as Dibond, photographic paper, canvas, and wood.

PICTOCLUB also stocks a selection of photorealism Assouline books, publishing handmade literature from artists including Oscar Niemeyer and Guy Laliberté to showcase their artwork.

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Photorealism often depicts images of landscapes or single objects, examples of these include animals in the wild and the human body in a significant or purposeful pose. There is also an abundance of architectural pieces within photorealism art, with PICTOCLUB supplying work from Reyes Coca, a talented artist known for painting traditional buildings using acrylic and oil paints.

These photorealism pieces are crafted by well-known skilled artists from around the world or created by our carefully selected in-house team for a unique design in your home. Find your next piece within our selection of photorealism art for sale here.

PICTOCLUB Originals Photorealism Art

Our PICTOCLUB originals collection is made up of high-quality, diverse art produced by our in-house artists. Our collection includes art in tailored dimensions including round, landscape, and portrait for a piece that suits your space. PICTOCLUB also offers the option to choose the style, frame, and colour of your art with our bespoke collection.

Select your price range, the medium, and subject for a more customised result, and explore our assortment of original photorealism art available to order online today. We also supply a range of realism artwork, a style that frequently overlaps with photorealism for you to explore.

PICTOCLUB also offers an art advisory service to guide you through the selection process and advise you on the size and placing of your piece. With this service, you gain access to expert curators who can share their knowledge and recommendations for your next purchase.

History of Photorealism Art

Photorealism first made an appearance in the 1960s in America, rising to popularity in the 70s. The goal was to recreate images that were taken on a camera and produce realistic artwork. Photorealism involves studying images and the way the light hits objects, how it forms shadows and depth. Creating the illusion of a real photograph and on closer inspection seeing the different painting techniques used to produce an exceptional piece.

Some of the first photorealism artists included Richard Estes, Ralph Goings, and Audrey Flack. Firstly introduced onto canvas, the photorealism movement has spread to more experimental materials such as wood and metal using airbrush painting techniques for realistic tones and textures.

PICTOCLUB displays only exceptional art pieces to provide a high-quality selection of photorealistic artwork available to purchase online, discover your next item today.

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