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You reading this means we would love you to join us.
You sure have many questions about how we work or why/how to sell with us.
We will try to answer here all your questions. Let’s begin with the most important:


PICTOCLUB is a great online art gallery.

We are home to a carefully curated and growing number of new talents and career artists with amazing artworks. We bring them together with art collectors from around the world. They are private collectors or trade clients many of them interior designers looking for that perfect piece of art to top off their projects. We sell worldwide, we deliver worldwide and we can help you reach a larger audience and facilitate the sale of your artworks to a larger number of potential clients.

Our website has an exquisitely cared design, so your works will always be presented in an attractive and elegant way to all collectors. It is also a powerful tool that allows you to directly create and manage your artist profile and your published portfolio, with 24/7 support from our team. We take care of all logistics, collecting from your Studio and delivering directly to the client. There is no sign-in or annual fee. We work on a single honest 30% commission per sale.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider selling with us:

Why Sell on PICTOCLUB?


Reach out to a Worldwide Audience

The Art market is already digital.

Every year, the number of works of art sold through e-commerce increases by 20%. PICTOCLUB is a worldwide platform. With us you can make your works visible and accessible to millions of collectors around the world.

Our clients are private collectors looking for original and iconic works of art. Some choose us to buy their first work and thus start their own collection; others are expert collectors looking for unconventional art. But what makes us different is that we work directly with thousands of decoration studios around the world, whom we advise on the selection of works for their interior design projects.

PICTOCLUB Online Platform

Easy, Beautiful & Powerful Platform

Our website will be your best business card.

With an exquisitely cared design, your works are presented in an attractive and elegant way to all collectors.

It will also be your best work tool to:

  • Create your own artist profile
  • Upload and edit every work in your porfolio
  • Be up to date on the status of your orders.
  • Decide how and when to be paid for your sales.
PICTOCLUB Curated artworks

Dedicated Artist Support

Our team will always be by your side every step of the way:

  • Helping you manage and improve your profile and portfolio
  • Providing valuable tips on images, descriptions, pricing and packaging
  • Assisting you manage your orders and sales 
  • Logistics: you pack, we take care of the logistics, collecting and delivering to the collector. 
  • Promoting of your works through feature collections, social networks, newsletters, media
  • Recommeding your work to collectors and interior designers
PICTOCLUB Artists Online Gallery

No Fees, Fair Commissions

You bare no costs for being part of Pictoclub, plus you benefit from a whole range of  exclusive services for free:

  • No registration fee
  • 70% benefit on every sale (excluding transport)
  • Secure payments
  • Non-exclusivity requirements
  • Free features on social media
  • Free editorial features
  • 24/7 free assistance from our team

Frequent Questions & Answers

These are the answers to the common questions most of you make when considering selling with us.

How does it work?

Our functioning is very simple. We give you access to our website where you will be able to build your profile and upload and manage your own portfolio. We will then promote you and your work among thousands of art collectors around the world. We will immediately inform you if one of your artworks is sold. You are responsible for preparing and packing the artwork. We will take care of the rest, collecting from your studio and delivering directly to the client. There is no sign-in or annual fee. We work on an honest commission per sale.

How do you select the artists selling in Pictoclub?

Our gallery is by invitation only. Our team of curators very carefully selects the artists we want to be part of our gallery. Many factors are taken into account for this. Among them the type of work, the style, the quality of the works, the variety, the price range… We receive many applications for admission. Unfortunately we cannot attend to all of them.

Do you require exclusivity to be part of Pictoclub?

No, we do not ask for exclusivity on the artworks that are for sale in our gallery. We understand and respect that our artists sell in other galleries or even that they sell directly from their websites. We only ask for fair play and that the sales generated through Pictoclub are made through our platform. Likewise, we will request equity in prices so that the artworks that are for sale in our gallery have a sale price equal or similar to that offered in other galleries.

What we do require is that you keep update the catalog of works that you put up for sale in Pictoclub. If you sell a work on another platform, or if a work is temporarily unavailable, you must immediately remove it from the sale on Pictoclub. Nothing worse for your reputation as an artist, and for us as an art gallery, than offering a work that is not really available.

Is there an any fee for being part of Pictoclub?

No. We do not charge any fees to the artists who are part of our gallery. No sign-in fee, no annual membership fee. We work in exchange for a commission or percentage on the sale price of each work.

How do I start selling at Pictoclub?

At the end of this Q&A you will find the link to create your profile on PICTOCLUB. Once inside, you will be able to complete the necessary information to start selling today. The procedure is very simple but we will be at your disposal to help you if you need it.

What kind of works are for sale in Pictoclub?

We try to cover as many artistic categories as possible, but we mainly sell painting, photography, sculptures, prints, collage and drawings. Also books thanks to our collaboration agreement with the prestigious publishing house Assouline.

How do I upload my porfolio?

In your Artist Profile you will find a section that will allow you to upload the works that you want to sell in PICTOCLUB. Each time you upload a work you will be asked to provide some basic information: title, type of work, characteristics, dimensions, sale price … Also a brief description and up to 4 images of each work.

From among the works that you have uploaded, you will be able to select at any time the ones that you want to be on sale. You can activate or deactivate works by making them visible on the web or not. You can also upload new works or delete works sold or no longer available whenever you want.

How many works can I put up for sale?

In principle there is no minimum or maximum number of works that you can put up for sale. Generally we recommend having at least 10 works for sale so that your artist profile is more attractive and gives the collector more purchase options.

Who sets the sale price of each work?

You do. You decide the sale price of each of your works. You can increase or decrease it when you decide. If you sell limited editions of your photographs, for example, you may want to sell the first units at a lower price to raise it as fewer units remain.

When setting the sale price you need to consider your profit margin, our commission, cost of packing, VAT if applicable, promotions and offers. We recommend you read the Artist Guide for more tips and recommendations prior to setting your prices.

What is Pictoclub’s commission?

We do not charge any entrance fee or annual fee for being part of Pictoclub. We work in exchange for an honest commission or percentage on the sale price of each work. That commission is 30%. But remember you set the final sale price, so you can simply consider the commission when setting the sale price to ensure you make as much as you want. And you can always vary the price, up or down, whenever you want.

In return we put at your disposal one of the most modern sales platforms in the world, a human team dedicated to you 24/7 that will always work to promote you and your works throughout the world not only through our website, but also from our social networks and weekly newsletters to thousands of collectors around the world. And proposing your works to international decoration studios to include them in their interior design projects. Behind a platform like ours there is the sometimes invisible work of a great team always at your service.

What happens when one of my works is sold on Pictoclub?

We will send you an email when we sell one of your works. You will then have to prepare the work and pack it properly for shipment. We know that logistics is always a hassle. Therefore, we take care of everything, organizing its collection by a transport company on a date previously agreed with you and sending it directly from your studio to the collector who bought it. Our staff will always be with you providing help and assistance along the process,

How should I pack my works?

The packaging of an artwork is a fundamental part of the process. During transport the boxes suffer, so it is important that you choose a sufficiently resistant packaging to ensure that your works reach collectors in perfect condition. Take into account the cost of packaging when setting the sale price of your works, but do not economize. The money spent on good packaging is always to the benefit of you and your work. In our Artist Guide you can find recommendations on the best way to pack your works.

Do you insure the works during their shipment?

Yes. We  insure all our shipments for the total sale value of the order. However, please note that the insurance does not apply if the damaged caused to the artwork is consequence of an insufficient, defficient or negligent packaging. A small extra expense in a professional and suitable packaging will improve your reputation as an artist, increase your recurring sales and avoid disappointment and having to bear higher costs derived from the return and reimbursement of damaged works.

What is Pictoclub’s return policy?

We are governed by European Union Consumer Protection Laws. In accordance with them, any client has the right to request the return of a work within 14 days of receiving it. However, the return guarantee is not applicable to artworks part of limited editions or to commissioned artworks. Return of such items is only accepted in the case that the work received does not conform to the order or arrives damaged.

Do you run promotions or offer discounts to collectors?

To stimulate sales we run regular promotions in which we offer a 10% discount to collectors placing orders in our website. Discounts reflect on your benefit as well as in Pictoclub’s commission. For example: if a collector purchases a work for 1,000 €, your benefit benefit will be 700 and Pictoclub’s commission  300 €. However, if a 10% promotional discount is applied at the time of purchase, the final sale value will be 900 €. Then your benefit will be 70% of that sale price (630 €) and Pictoclub’s commission 30% of that sale price (that is, 270 €). You may consider this when setting the sale price of your artworks. 

Can collectors submit offers on my works?

Yes. Collectors are giving the possibility to submit offers for your works, generally requesting discounts on the sale price that is seen on the web. If a collector submits an offer for one of your works, we will inform you by email. You can accept, reject or counter offer. The final decision will always be yours.

How and when does Pictoclub pay me?

Payments are made after 14 days from the delivery of the work to the collector. The reason is that 14 days is the legal period that every client has to return a work. Payments are always made by bank transfer to the account number that you provide us. Remember that you must issue an invoice before we issue the payment. If you cannot issue invoices you cannot sell on Pictoclub.

Do I have to apply VAT to my invoices?

PICTOCLUB is a company registered in Spain. If you are an artist not resident in Spain, you are exempt from VAT and you should not take it into account when setting the sale price of your works, nor should you apply it to your invoices. However, if you are an artist resident in Spain, your invoices must bear the corresponding VAT. Remember that the amount you receive from Pictoclub as a profit from your sales will always be inclusive of VAT and you will not be able to apply it again to your invoices. Consider this when setting the sale price of your works.

Is there a commitment to stay at Pictoclub?

No, we do not require you to be with us for a minimum time. You can request your withdrawal from our gallery whenever you wish. However, we do value and take into account the commitment of the artists with Pictoclub and we acknowledge their public cooperation with us through more frequent and relevant mentions on our home page and on our social media.

Do I have to sign a contract?

During the registration process you will have to click a box confirming that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of the Service. It is the legal document that governs the relationships between Pictoclub, the artists and the collectors and acts as a contract between the parties.

I have more questions, who do I talk to?

If some of your questions remain unanswered, you can contact us at any time via email at [email protected], our staff will be happy to help you and answer all your questions. We also recommend that you read our ARTIST GUIDE, where you will additional detailed information about most of the questions answered in this section.

I’m ready! How do we start?

If you are ready to join us and start selling your works to collectors around the world, simply click on the following link that will allow you to register in our gallery and start uploading works to your profile. Welcome to Pictoclub!



As an artist, it feels just great to be part of a cool online art gallery like PICTOCLUB. The whole platform is eye-catching and the artworks are all beautifully presented, which is a wonderful way to present my art to collectors from around the world. Communication and cooperation with PICTOCLUB’s professional and friendly team is always easy and pleasant.

Thank you PICTOCLUB team for your support!


PICTOCLUB Artist Marta Besada

PICTOCLUB is an excellent way not only to get to know the work of other artists and new art trends from all around the world, but also the perfect platform from where to expand and show my work internationally to hundreds of thousands of Art Collectors worldwide.

And all that by the hand of a great team of professionals.


GINA PORTERA Pictoclub Artist

Art is humanity and my motto is that “Art improves people’s quality of life”. Being part of PICTOCLUB allows me to nurture interior design and architecture projects with works that I create from my passion for beauty.

Being part of PICTOCLUB allows me to generate well-being in the spaces that art lovers inhabit through my works.



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