Madrid, Spain

Something about Kastro
Professor of design for the most prestigious Spanish companies for more than 10 years, Kastro dedicates his efforts to technological creations oriented to avant-garde and novel environments of art, where his interventions can be seen in Barcelona with interactive and tactile works. In his plastic work he has developed a self-taught work. Great connoisseur and follower of currents of abstract expressionism in his first stage, you can see in his works high degrees of tachism and informalism to later find in his work a very different way of understanding current abstract art. Tireless researcher of materials and elements and depending on the moment and the way he experiments on materials, textures and even structures, they lead him to create pieces whose purpose is to transmit feelings and emotions, different and to everyone.

He founded Maculae in 2018, with the aim of creating a small group of artists from different disciplines with the orientation of sharing artistic experiences and complementing the national artistic market. His work is scattered throughout Europe. He has developed various exhibitions nationwide, developed in collaboration with the Madrid College of Decorators and Interior Designers. CODDIM, also LUMINARIA 3, International Contemporary Art Exhibition.

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