The magic of seeing a hidden picture appear

The magic of seeing a hidden picture appear

A guy cleaning and restoring a painting might not be one of the most exciting thing to be seen in Youtube. Although this affirmation could be supported by thousands or millions of people, something different occurs when you stop thinking of it, to take action.

Everything started when a 32-year-old art restorer decided to upload a video of his restoration project to YouTube. Between an amalgam of tutorials, video diaries, gags and music clips posted on internet, this video started to stand out gathering hundreds of reproductions of art lovers and curious.

The restorer admitted that he uploaded one video just to show it to his friends, as the document was too heavy to send it by email. This first video was about the restoration work of a painting entitled The Assassination of Archimedes. The canvas was blackened by the passage of centuries and the restorer appeared working on it trying to return it its original colour. The video radiated magnetism. The meticulousness of the restorer, his methodical attitude, the quality of the recording, and even his voice created a hypnotic effect of serenity and enthusiasm. A magical sensation that invited the viewer to stay and watch it until the end.

This is how, the young restorer decided to use Instagram and YouTube to show his work. He started to update new contents in Instagram uploading shorter video versions coming from the original and longer ones available at his YouTube channel. He worked alone both in the restoration process and making the videos, explaining all the process step by step.

Even if you don´t feel extra attracted by arts, these videos can definitely catch your attention too. Many people on internet have admitted that these videos can be so relaxing that they can be used to treat insomnia.

Their videos cannot compete, of course, with Beyoncé’s blockbusters, but each of them is close to three million people, reaching to almost half a million followers on that platform.

This young art restorer belongs to the oldest and now second-generation fine art conservation studio in Chicago. Established in 1978, Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration has worked in the restoration of great art master pieces in the last 41 years. Following the same steps as his father, the young Baumgartner studied in Purchase College, New York, and started his professional exercise in the family business. He was in charge for the opening of the YouTube Channel in 2016.

Baumgarter works with the most important art galleries from the United Stated: from New York to Los Angeles, Chicago or Miami. They also collaborate with smaller local museums that cannot afford an intern restoration team, private companies and collectors.