How to turn trash into an haute couture catalogue by collage


How to turn trash into an haute couture catalogue by collage

Martha Haversham loves two things; The movement and the little objects she finds in the litters. These small things, designated as waste by many of the mortals, are her own treasures to create her collage artworks.

When she says she loves the movement, she refers to her classic ballet training, a discipline that impregnates her whole word giving to her artworks a fluid aspect.

Her collages are a clear example of how the fragility of movement can be expressed in a static discipline. The images Marta Haversham creates with elegance and simplicity conceal imperceptible movements; they remain just imaginary swinging.

The pockets of Haversham are always full of these tiny things that only she can appreciate; plastic, buttons, sugar cubes, dry leaves and flowers sometimes. However, she tries to create her collages just with the pieces she can find of collect in a day. Exploring new options and combinations that with a pair of legs and some paper, can really work out. This sensitive conceptual style is reflected in all her artworks

Find all her artworks at her Instagram account @smallditch