Home Decor Art Trends 2021: An Insight Into Interior Design Trends

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Home Decor Art Trends 2021: An Insight Into Interior Design Trends

Every year sees home decor trends evolve and change, reflecting ongoing societal changes and general interior design fashions and 2021 is no different. The home decor trends we’re seeing throughout 2021 have reflected the shifts in society and the rather unique situation that the world has found itself in throughout this exceptional year. 

Make sure that you can keep on top of the current home decor trends for 2021, including all the latest information about home art, interior design, and interior decoration. Our guide to the latest trends will make sure that no matter what you’re planning, from a single room renovation to a cohesive design for an entire home, you’ll be on-trend, up to date, and firmly modern with your plans. 

Minimalism is Out, Maximalism is In

2020 may have been the year of throwing things out and downsizing to the essentials but 2021 is shaping up to be the opposite. The current home decor trend is to embrace a more maximalism approach to life, filling houses with trinkets, decoration, furniture, and gewgaws. With house prices ever rising this can be seen as a response, younger generations may never own a home, but they can own a piece of abstract art or a row of ornaments for their mantlepiece.

Whatever the inspiration for this trend, it’s nice to see things reverse from previous years. Clean lines certainly have their place and so does empty space, but sometimes you simply need an array of items to nest in, and that’s why maximalism can be not only a visually appealing trend but also one that’s potentially good for mental health.

Textured Furniture Catches the Eye

Another pushback against the interior design trend from prior years towards clean lines and simplicity is the 2021 focus on textured furniture. Rattan in particular is back in a big way, large chairs with elaborate backs can bring much-needed texture to a room and provide a centrepiece that’s not only fashionable; they have a function too.

If rattan doesn’t suit your taste then other textured items such as elaborately carved sideboards or even wardrobes with ribbed doors can add depth and visual appeal to your decor. Textured furniture, when paired with some of the other home decor trends in this list, can really make a room come alive. For those looking for more texture in their lives, sculptures can bring an extra touch to a home, as conversation pieces but also simply as ways to bring a room’s decor together with a final touch.

Stripes, Stripes, and More Stripes

Out goes blocks of colour, in comes stripes. Much like textured furniture, the goal with stripes is to bring depth to your decor. By combining stripes in different directions, you can make your room feel a different shape, larger or more intimate, depending on your choices and colour decisions.

In 2021 we’re seeing stripes being applied to walls, furniture, even ceilings. Stripes may seem bold, but we definitely recommend experimentation. For example, running stripes up your walls to meet in the centre of the ceiling can change the entire timbre of a room, making it feel taller and slimmer as a result. Send them sideways, make them clash around carefully placed furniture – well-used stripes can make a room into a cohesive statement piece, and that’s something that can be truly treasured.

Bold, Primary Colours

In previous years we’ve seen pastels and muted colours take the fore, not so in 2021’s home decor. We’re seeing bold, primary colours jump out at us from living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens across the world. The days of being shy with colour are behind us; 2021 is the year of taking colour firmly by the reins.

Enjoy vivid greens, brilliant yellows, bright reds, and deep blues in your interior design. Make rooms feel alive and bursting with colour instead of relying on quieter tones. We may be keeping to the indoors more than before but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our walls a riot of colour. Experimenting with bright colours and stripes together makes perfect sense. It may seem brave but once you start splashing colour around your home you’ll reap the benefits in brightness and joy.

Embrace Goblincore

So long cottagecore, the days of decorating as if you live in a small cottage deep in the countryside is long gone. Hello goblincore, the more rustic, earthy version. Goblincore takes interior design inspiration from nature itself, from the earth, from stone, from the plants themselves.

Set off your home with large plants that draw the eye, cleanse the air, and provide a healing touch to your heart as you watch them grow. Use stone or abandoned wood in art or as statement pieces, the more informal the better. Hang artworks and paintings that use the themes of nature to express your identity whilst showing off the endless cornucopia of beauty that is our natural world. Embracing goblincore means taking the outside and bringing it inside, by combining natural elements with textured furniture and a maximalist approach to decoration you’ll soon feel like you have the countryside itself living with you. 

Travel Whilst Staying Still

We might not be able to spread our wings and travel the world as we did in previous years but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring travel to us. One of the primary home decor trends in 2021 is the marriage between travel interior design and the home. We’re seeing many homes redecorate using colours reminiscent of holidays, which will definitely help with those travel pangs.

For example, painting sand-colour stripes that ease into a more blue palette can make a room feel like you’re on the coast, watching the sea lap against your feet. Taking inspiration from your favourite holiday destination can bring your entire decor alive and make you feel like you’re bringing your favourite place home with you. We recommend looking at pictures of your top travel spots, isolating the colours, then experimenting with them. You may be in one place, but your mind doesn’t have to be.

A Touch of Vintage

Many things change in home decor and interior design, from fashions to trends you’ll see wild variation from year to year. One thing remains the same, however, and that’s our overwhelming love for all things vintage.

Vintage items can fit into almost any type of decor you choose and can easily be integrated into your plans. From simple vintage furniture to more decorative vintage decorations, the options are endless and with the sheer amount of vintage items to choose from you’ll never be hurting for inspiration. In 2021 the vintage home decor trend is overwhelmingly for lamps, so the next time you’re at an antique fair or an auction, make sure you check for lamps – you could be in for a bargain and you can set off your room with the finishing touch.

Live Green (Not Just the Colour)

It’s no surprise that the world is slowly becoming more eco-friendly, and interior design and home art trends are no different. In 2021 people simply want their surroundings to be non-harmful to the environment, and who can blame them. When the evidence of climate change is increasing every year, it can be important to minimise your impact on your surrounding area.

Recycling items and upcycling furniture can be a key component of reducing waste and ensuring that your home decor is green. In addition, many companies are now focusing on improving their green credentials. When making your next home decor purchase, check the company fully to ensure that they’re taking the essential steps to use renewable resources in responsible ways.

A Calm Space for You

Making space for yourself has never been more important and your home decor choices will be an essential part of this. Clearing a space for yourself has become a key component of interior design trends in 2021, with many houses now having calmer areas for relaxation or enjoying simpler, quieter hobbies such as painting, reading, or crafts.

Calm colours and soft furnishings can help ensure that your calm space is welcoming and designed to promote a state of mind that’s conducive to self-care. This doesn’t mean it has to be boring, however, as textured furniture, stripes, and even bold primary colours can be calming when used in the correct way. Everyone is different, after all, so knowing yourself and knowing what you need to maintain your mental balance as you relax is key to successful calming home decor.

Express Yourself with Bespoke Art

Finally, one of the key trends that are only growing each year is the desire to express yourself through your home decor and the art you place in your home. Bespoke art is a key way to make sure that your home is truly yours, as there’ll be no other art quite like it in all the other homes on the planet. 

Bespoke art has never been more accessible or more affordable, meaning art lovers can get their hands on unique art at prices that once would’ve been impossible. Your home is your home, and unique artwork, framed the way you want it, using the materials you decide, in the size that best works for your home decor, ensures that your take on your living area is unique to yourself. 

Art will always be popular, but expressing yourself and your tastes through bespoke artwork is definitely one of the key home decor trends for 2021.